Energy Breakthrough Challenge 2019

On the 21st and 22nd of November we competed in the Energy Breakthrough for our second time. We have achieved so much in our 2 years of participating and in 2019 we showed some terrific improvements.  The results of the 2019 showed this:


1. We moved from 77th and last in (2018) to 51st and 71st in (2019).

3. Our riders were able to sustain much longer periods in the cart, which ultimately saves time on pit changes.

4. Our number of laps 2019 we achieved 277 laps (304.7km) and 273 laps (300.3).

Thank you to all our staff and helpers for an amazing event. A great effort by all!

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

We were very excited last Thursday to have our new greenhouse delivered to the garden. We won the Sproutwell greenhouse in a national competition by entering a video about why we need one. Thanks to Mr Senior and the Garden Gurus for their hilarious and entertaining entry.

Click here to view the video

We also would like to invite families (toddlers welcome) to come into the garden from 2-4 on Mondays and Tuesdays for weeding, planting, pruning and watering. You just need a Working with Children Check. (Available online) Please sign in at the office when you arrive.

We have also been fortunate to secure $500.00 from Thomas Catering Equipment which means we will be able to update some of our equipment in the kitchen.  Thomas Catering Equipment and The Western Hotel see the value in our program and we hope that you support these businesses also.


As technology advances, new possibilities for communication become possible. With the Compass app, you will be able to, download student reports, input information to explain your child's absence from school and be sent notifications of school events and information directly to your phone.  


To get started, download the app and contact the school office for your username and password. 

To learn how to use Compass, click here to download the Compass Parent Guide.

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