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Delacombe Community is proud to provide the Walking School Bus to assist students getting to school. The Walking School Bus is an joint initiative of the between the Declacombe Community and the School. The Walking School Bus is operated solely by our valued Volunteers. It can also be a great way you can be involved here at Delacombe Primary School!


The Walking School Bus is a VicHealth initiative in partnership with the local council to promote daily exercise and to improve student health and fitness. The walking school bus involves children walking to school in an organised manner with other children and adult
supervisors along approved and predetermined routes.

The Walking School Bus escort children to school safely, conveniently and on time whilst involving them in regular physical activity and exercise. Added benefits of the walking school bus have included reduced car parking congestion at the school, improved community connectedness of students, parent volunteers and families, as well as decreased levels of school lateness and absenteeism.

The 'Bus' follows a set route Monday to Friday with expected start time of 8:00AM at the start of the route and with an estimated arrival at Delacombe Primary school of 8:30AM. The 'Bus' picks up students out the front of their home or at a prearranged 'bus stop'. A handheld bell is usually rung out front of each house to inform students the bus is ready. The 'Bus' then arrives at School about 8:30am at the Breakfast Club, so the students can have a positive start to their day. Students are welcome into the Breakfast Club upon arrival.

The Walking School Bus always has a minimum of 2 adult supervisors at all times wearing hi-vis vest to ensure the safety of the students.

​The Walking School Bus run every school day, rain or shine. If you would like more information if the 'bus' runs near your house, or you would like to volunteer, please contact the front office.

(See Front Office staff for a DPSWB Consent Form or a Volunteer Form)

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