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The Parents & Friends Association at Delacombe PS is made up of a group of parents who work together for the benefit of the school community, with the aim of supporting the students, parents and staff at our school. Monthly meetings are advertised in the school newsletter, via Facebook and Compass. All members of our school community are welcome.

Fundraising throughout the year is conducted in a variety of ways.   The fundraising is targeted towards projects that is determined by both the school and the committee.
Events planned are normally planned for include: 

* Christmas Raffle,

* Pie drive, 

* Mother's Day stall 

* Father's Day stall

* Shopping trip and sports day lunches
Some great friendships have been formed through the Delacombe PS Parents & Friends Association and students love their parents being involved in their school. You can come along to as many or as few meetings as you want and there is no pressure to take on tasks. Come along as a voice for ideas or just for the social side – we would love to see you!

Please contact the school office on 5335 6103 for further information. You can leave your details if you are interested in assisting or attending Parents Association meetings or events and the new Executive will be in contact.

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