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Delacombe Express and Wheel of Choice

Delacombe Primary School Values:

  • Respect - Treating Others How We Would Like To Be Treated

  • Responsibility - Being a Positive Role Model and Making Good Choices

  • Enjoyment - Smiling, Having Fun and Taking Each Day as it Comes

  • Consideration - Being Open and Always Thinking of Others Around Us

  • Integrity - Doing the Right Thing Even When No One is Watching

  • Personal Best - Always Giving Everything a Red Hot Go


Delacombe Primary School prides itself on delivering a consistent approach from Prep-Grade 6 in teaching and learning and wellbeing.  The Delacombe Express is used in all classrooms to acknowledge the positive values demonstrated and also to address the negative behaviours.  It is called the “Express” as we use the analogy that students can be aboard the positive train or the negative train.  It is all about students making the right choice to provide a positive learning classroom environment.

Delacombe Expfress.JPG

Wheel of Choice

Delacombe Primary encourages and supports, where appropriate, students to work through their interpersonal struggles. The Wheel of Choice is one way Delacombe supports students to come up with their own solutions to everyday problems.

Wheel of Choice.jpg
Student Wellbeing
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