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Energy Breakthrough Challenge


In 2018 our school entered the Energy Breakthrough competition for the first time. Energy Breakthrough selects 15-20 dedicated students who will train for an event that will ask them to ride for 14 hours.  The school enters two teams and must also present their learning to a panel of judges. In our second year we achieved so much and we showed some terrific improvements.  The results of the 2019 showed this:

1. We moved from 77th and last in (2018) to 51st and 71st in (2019).

2. Our riders were able to sustain much longer periods in the cart, which ultimately saves time on pit changes.

3. Our number of laps in 2019 we achieved 277 laps (304.7km) and 273 laps (300.3).

Thank you to all our staff and helpers for an amazing event. A great effort by all!

This program would not possible without out sponsors.

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