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Electronic Circuit Board


Giving our students the skills to use and to be critical users of advanced technology is very important to us. One of our major focuses at Delacombe Primary School is the effective integration of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) into every classroom.


Our foundation to grade twoclasses have a bank of iPads in every classroom for use in their learning activities.


Grade three to Grade six students utilise one-to-one Chromebooks in the classroom to organise and enhance their learning.

Every classroom also has an interactive whiteboard to connect to the devices within the room to allow for easy viewing, sharing and collaboration of student and teacher work.


Delacombe Primary School also has a dedicated Digital Technology curriculum (DigiTech) where students have access to a range of tools and technologies to enhance their learning.


Our DigiTech curriculum covers skills and understandings such as:

  • Cybersafety

  • Data Collection and Manipulation

  • How Computers Work

  • Coding – offline coding, block coding and coding external devices

  • Website and Interface Design

  • 3D Printing and Design

  • Collaborating in Virtual Environments


We believe that giving our students the skills to create and manipulate digital environments will open many more opportunities for them in the future.


For more information about Information and Communication Technology at Delacombe Primary please contact our school.

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