How  the Emu became totem of Cook House

Extra, Extra, Read all about it Blues; gonna win There’s no doubt about it

Who likes the Blue? Yeah!

Who likes the Blue? Yeah!

Who likes the Blue? Yeah!


How  the Crocodile   became totem of  Moneghetti house

We are the team of the green triangle

Every team we meet we mangle

Bash them up, crash them up

Put them in a jar 

Go Green

Rar rar rar!


How  the Red Bellied Black Snake  became totem of Blackburn   House

Turn up the radio, what do you hear?

Blackburn is the team of the year We’re going to beat them, bust them That’s our custom Go red rar rar rar


How  the Kangaroo   became totem of  Maher House

All the people in the stand Cheer for yellow,

clap your hands

Shout out Maher,

And stomp your feet.

We’re the team

that wont be beat.

Go Yellow

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