At Delacombe Primary School we are proud of our inclusive culture and our commitment to student wellbeing and engagement. We have many programs in place which support our students to attend school, participate in class and enjoy learning, including the National School Chaplaincy Program funded by the Australian Government, Department of Education, Employment and Work Place Relations.


The chaplaincy program is an important part of our school and complements the care offered by other helping disciplines and aims to assist our school community through the provision of help and care to support the personal and social wellbeing of our students and community.


This is a voluntary program and services and actions are provided by our chaplain, Jesse Winter, include:


  • Assisting counsellors and wellbeing staff in the delivery of welfare services

  • Providing students and their families and staff with support and appropriate referrals in difficult situations such as during times of grief or when facing personal and/or emotional challenges

  • Supporting students to explore their spirituality and providing guidance about spirituality, blues and ethical matters

  • Supporting students and staff to create an environment which promotes the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development and wellbeing of all students

  • Supporting students and staff to create an environment of trust, cooperation, mutual respect and promoting an understanding of diversity

  • Being approachable to all staff, students and community members

  • Supporting students, their families and staff of all beliefs and not seeking to impose any beliefs or persuade an individual toward a particular set of beliefs


If families wish to access/opt out of this service they simply need to speak to their child's classroom teacher, principal or assistant principal.


This program is evaluated at the end of each year and seeks community opinion via a survey published in the newsletter.

National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program



Delacombe Primary School aims to provide opportunities for all students to learn new skills, concepts, attitudes and behaviours necessary to be successful at school and throughout their lives. We strive to provide an environment that promotes literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, self-respect and care and concern for others.

All children need care and support as they grow towards adulthood. This support should maximise access to teaching and learning and help the student develop resiliency. It is fundamental to acknowledge that student wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff working together in a supportive school environment.


At Delacombe Primary School we all work together as a learning community that is dedicated to caring, support, active participation and positive expectations for all 

Each teacher plays an important role as a source of support for students. Students spend a significant amount of time at school and teachers are often an important adult connection for students.

At Delacombe we believe student learning cannot be separated from student wellbeing.

The curriculum needs to contain elements of personal, social and interpersonal development.

A whole school approach to student wellbeing is based upon the needs of the student and the greater school community. Students at school do not learn in a vacuum. The diversity of backgrounds, culture, gender, socio-economic background, cognitive and life experiences add to the complexity students bring into the classroom. Our core business is to ensure all students have access to teaching and learning.

The school employs a School Chaplain as an important and integral part of the Student Welfare program. The School Chaplain is employed through the Australian Government's National School Chaplaincy and Welfare program. More information can be found at:

Delacombe Primary School actively strives to develop a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where mutual respect and the pursuit of personal excellence form the basis for life long learning and future success. Our community is committed to the agreed values.


  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Enjoyment

  • Consideration

  • Integrity

  • Personal Best

Staff successfully accommodate students with identified educational needs and are actively engaged in sharing ideas with other teachers. They collaborate with other professionals and readily account to parents for positive student outcomes.



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