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About the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

We are thrilled to offer the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Delacombe Primary School.


We are changing the way children approach and think about food. All of our students are enthusiastically getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.

Delacombe Primary School offers students a real life literacy and numeracy experience by being part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. All students participate in growing, harvesting and cooking delicious meals. Each year the Western Hotel kindly provided three students scholarships for the SAKG program as well as the proceeds from their monthly meat raffle to ensure that the SAKG Program continues to grow and flourish. 

Try one of our top  rated recipes ,


Click on Delacombe's Cook Book below to access our best rated recipes that you could try at home.
Making Anzacs 
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