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B4 Boys Program

Engaging male students and a significant male in their life in literacy. While fostering strong and supportive relationships. 

Delacombe Primary School prides itself on its reading program. Every second year we would like to inspire our male students in reading through the “Boys, Books, Blokes, and Bytes (B4) program”. The program focuses on engaging our Dads and male carers into the school and promoting the importance of reading in our daily lives.  In order to develop a stronger relationship with our Dads the program runs for a period of 4 - 5 weeks and has a range of activities to engage. B4 is an intentional program designed to promote reading in the community and fostering strong supportive relationships between males. B4 is not just for the students, but also the student's father, carer/guardian or significant adult male in their life.

Delacombe's B4 Program strives to:

  • Raise awareness of reading in the community

  • To increase student health and well being

  • Facilitate partnerships through the development of collaborative structures and sustained linkages

  • Increase student appreciation for a love of reading

  • Improve students level of engagement educational outcomes in the key curriculum areas of Reading

  • Create life-long practices of reading

“Boys, Books, Blokes, and Bytes (B4) program” raises the profile of reading in the Delacombe Community area by involving students, parents and the whole community in the "Boys, Books, Blokes, and Bytes" (B4) program. It develops a reading culture among adolescent boys through a series of activities in the school and public library. Central to the concept of B4 is the bring is the bringing together of boys, their families and their school.The program continues to promote books and reading as enjoyable and empowering.


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