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Cyber Safety

We currently dedicate a term of every school year to developing our students’ understandings of Cybersafety.


Our students’ safety in the real and digital world is of utmost importance to Delacombe Primary School and we endeavour to give them the skills they will need to navigate through the world outside of our school gates.


We use activities and resources from CommonSense Media and Nearpod to cover such issues as:

  • Private and Personal Information

  • Secure Password Creation

  • What is a Digital Footprint?

  • Cyberbullying – It’s everyone’s responsibility

  • Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

  • Finding Credible News


We also address the importance of balancing media and screen time in our lives. We strongly believe that, without balance, over-exposure to digital media could be detrimental to our students’ social and emotional development.


For more information about our Cybersafety curriculum you can visit the CommonSense Media website or contact our school.

Student Wellbeing
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