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Magnetic Numbers


At Delacombe Primary School we have developed a whole school pedagogy in Numeracy that caters for the individual needs of our students. Our daily one hour Numeracy block has ensured that targeted, focused teaching occurs at student point of need, determined by student data. The use of various assessment tools such as the Numeracy Interview, NAPLAN, PAT Maths and On Demand data has enhanced and supported these strategies.


The teachers at Delacombe Primary School are continually supported through whole school professional development to ensure a consistent approach across the school and are proud of the results the students have achieved in Numeracy. We strive for all students to meet their full potential in Numeracy and ensure that students are supported through the use of engaging, focussed lessons including the use of open ended tasks.


At Delacombe Primary school we have a strong emphasis on using learning intentions and success criteria in all of our numeracy lessons in order to make sure the learning is targeted and accessible to all students within the classroom. This ensures all students are aware of what they need to do to experience success in each lesson. All learning intentions are linked to the Victorian Curriculum and provide opportunity for students to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the mathematical concepts and processes required to be numerate.


Delacombe Primary School Numeracy Vision:

To develop children’s mathematical thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of mathematics, their creativity, enjoyment and appreciation of the subject and their engagement with life long learning.

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