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The Project Based Learning block at Delacombe Primary School aims to develop student understanding in relation to the Civics and Citizenship, Humanities and Science curriculum areas, and also endeavours to foster student voice and agency within our classrooms. Our students are provided with explicitly taught content related to the Victorian curriculum documents for the initial weeks of the term, allowing them to develop key knowledge on the topic and are then provided scaffolded inquiry tasks related to the key learning areas.

In order to empower our students, they are provided with a ‘Big Question,’ (such as What makes someone an Australian?) and a variety of styles in which they can present their ideas on the topic at the beginning of the researching stage and are provided an explicit teaching masterclass to develop skills that will enhance their presentation. Students are then create their presentation and reflect on their findings with their class. Depending on the year level and capabilities of the student, they may choose to present their findings in a variety of ways; some examples may be

a poster and talk, a diorama, a movie using MovieMaker or a BookCreator document.

The overall aim of the Project Based Learning curriculum at Delacombe Primary School

is to provide students with an opportunity to have a voice in their learning and to

provide them with new skill acquisition when presenting findings to their peers.

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