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Welcome to Delacombe Primary School

Thank you for visiting this website and taking an interest in our school. At Delacombe Primary School we are a community of learners working in a warm, positive, friendly and engaging environment where all members proudly display the values of:

Kindness, Respect, Growth and Resilience in order to produce happy, competent, resilient community minded individuals who are able to live productive lives.

Delacombe Primary School is situated in the southwest corner of Ballarat, a growing residential area. Delacombe Primary school will commence 2021 with over 500 students in 25 classrooms.  The composition of the classrooms are 4 Prep classrooms, 4 Grade 1 classrooms, 4 Grade 2 classrooms, 3 Grade 3 classrooms, 3 Grade 4 classrooms, 3 Grade 5 classrooms and 4 Grade 6 classrooms.  We have specialist areas in Art, Chinese, Specialist Kitchen and Garden, PE, Digital Technology and Library.  


The overall school environment is second to none.  If you come for a visit, you will see settled classrooms with engaged students.  You will encounter friendly students and staff who look to engage with anyone who comes by.   You will sense a welcoming and friendly environment where everyone mixes in and gets along beautifully. You will see a school playground where students are very active and are comfortable sharing the play space with whoever is around. You will see a newly built Stadium our students can enjoy weather it be for PE or whole school events. Our students love welcoming new students and clamber over each other to be the one to show them around and look after them.  


Parent involvement is paramount to the success and operations of the school, with active School Council, Parent’s Association and Junior School Councils’ often the catalyst behind many of our extra-curricular activities.

I trust you’ll find the website helpful.

Thank you 

Attached is our Parent information booklet.

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