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Writer's Festival

Delacombe Writer's Festival

Every year Delacombe Primary School hosts 

2016 Writers' Festival

The year 2016 was the first year of our Writers' Festival.

The aim of this festival was to celebrate our students' hard work through building a sense of purpose, pride and inclusivity to their writing. Every single student in the school has a piece of writing and artwork displayed in our corridors which have been transformed to match this years theme, Spring!

Delacombe Primary School was alive with alliteration and super excited about similes on Friday.

The inaugural Writers’ Festival had the whole school humming with hyperbole as parents and pupils alike enjoyed spring inspired essays and art works.

Teaching and learning coach Stephanie Lee said all 309 pupils had been taking part in the Ann Angelopoulos inspired Writing Model all year, using figurative language techniques.

Since the start of term 4, they also created art works to go with their stories, with all unveiled at the Writers’ Festival.

“We did vocabulary work first, then a sentence, then a paragraph and then a text,” Ms Lee said.

The festival culminated with awards and a scavenger hunt involving parents and pupils.

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