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Here at Delacombe we offer a diverse range of additional programs run by trained and qualified staff aimed at supporting students learning. These programs offer additional support and are targeted to the specific needs of students, providing them with the opportunity to reach their full potential.  

MultiLit (Making up lost time in Literacy)


MultiLit is an intervention program focusing on Word Attack Skills, sight word recognition and reinforced reading. It is run by trained staff on a needs basis.

EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding)

EMU is a numeracy intervention program for our year 1 and 2 students. It aims to assist students who are vulnerable in aspects of whole number learning. It is run by a trained teacher who specializes in numeracy.



QuickSmart is a numeracy intervention program for our older students. It includes a variety of short, focused activities that aim to increase strategy use and improve automatic recall of basic number facts across all four operations.


STAP (Speech Therapy Assistance Program)

Overseen by a speech pathologist, schools provide regular, consistent therapy services to students with speech and/or language difficulties. Our trained staff meets regularly with the speech pathologist to run this program.


Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a school based, short term, intensive intervention program designed to reduce the number of year 1 students having difficulties learning to read and write.


DIP (Delacombe Intervention Program)

A school based program designed to help students with a focus on spelling and handwriting. Run by our own staff and overseen by our Literacy leader, the program provides short, intensive instruction in essential learning.

Oral Language Intervention

This program utilises our school-based speech pathologist and trained staff to work with our Prep students in therapy or small groups, building speech and language skills to enable students to embark on their literacy learning.


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