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At Delacombe Primary School we are a community of learners working in a warm, positive, friendly and engaging environment where all members proudly display the values of:



In order to produce happy, competent, resilient community minded individuals who are able to live productive lives.

Our Vision:

A great place to grow, achieve and succeed together

Enrolments are currently at approximately 564 students across 27 classrooms,  A map of the school has been provided outlining our set up.

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Delacombe Primary School has a significant focus on literacy and numeracy. The talented, professional staff are very committed to providing engaging and purposeful teaching and learning opportunities for all children and work cooperatively within Professional Learning Teams.


Information and Communication Technology is strongly resourced and supports all programs.


Delacombe Primary School is an inclusive school and the teaching staff is supplemented by a team of Education Support Officers who work directly with teachers and students. The school is very proud of the strong reputation it has developed for its capacity to support students with special needs.


The school recognises and receives outstanding support from its parent community on a variety of levels. A strong and committed School Council has played a significant role in policy and planning and the energetic "Parents and Friends" group organises a large number of successful projects annually.


Specialists Offered

A number of specialist programs are offered that complement the curriculum and provide students with opportunities for skill extension:


  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Digitech

  • Visual Arts program

  • Chinese

  • Choir

  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program


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