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For skaters with zero or little experience in choosing skateboard trucks for cruising, they may find several difficulties in buying these trucks due to the variety of choices on the market. To pick the perfect trucks which meet all your requirements, you need to consider several factors.

In today’s article, I will give you a quick review of the popular trucks for cruising in 2021. For a detailed description of how to choose a perfect skateboard truck, you should visit SkateAdvisors to find out.

Here are the top products in 2021 as recommended by many experienced skaters:


This brand is famous for the maneuverability of their trucks which make it much easier for skaters to steer the skateboard. The secret behind the smooth ride is the double kingpin setup that you can easily tighten the turning radius and obtain a double rebound when carving and pumping.

One plus point for this brand is that their products come in several sizes to be compatible with any type of deck. If you are looking for a stable and affordable skateboard truck, Gullwing trucks should be the number one option.


If you are looking for a lightweight but durable skateboard truck, this one is designed especially for you. The advantages are the good fluidity and turning radius. Also, the brand offers premium quality bushings for smooth carve and full controlled turns. However, the space between the truck and bolt is quite limited which may make it more difficult to adjust the trucks


The Paris V2 skateboard trucks offer shaper turns with reversed kingpin construction. If you haven’t known about reversed kingpins and why they are suitable for cruising, I suggest you check out the explanation available at SkateAdvisors.

By undergoing the second treatment process and made of virgin aluminum gravity, these trucks can assure you the best durability for your ride. However, the main limitation of this product is the too soft bushings which may be irritating in some cases.

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