Kitchen Garden Recipes

Pizza Base

This pizza base recipe is the perfect foundation for any toppings your heart desires. Its light and fluffy crust would hold its own against just about any pizza in town. Definitely recommend you give this one a go. Download Recipe Now (PDF) #Pizza

100 Biscuit Recipe

With this recipe you can get creative and make a magnificent edible pice of art! It makes fantastic delicious biscuits that are so much fun to put together. Next time you want to make themed food for a party, this 100 Biscuit recipe will have you covered! Download Recipe Now (PDF)

Crumble topping for any stewed fruits

Try our Delicious Plum Crumble recipe. It is a fantastic quick and easy dessert that was a crowd pleaser among the students. Download Recipe Now (PDF) #dessert #plum #crumble #custard

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